Reinforcing Steel

Reinforcing Mesh

Square Mesh – SL52 to SL102 (6.0M x 2.4M) 
Rectangular Mesh – RL718 to RL1218 (6.0M x 2.4M) 
Trench Mesh – L8 to L12 / 200mm to 500mm (6.0M) 
Also available to order 
Ute Mesh – SL62UTE – SL82UTE (4.0M x 2.0M) 
Handi Mesh – Galvanised & Black General Purpose

Reinforcing Bar

Deformed Bar – 12mm to 40mm (N Bar 500+)
Round Bar – 10mm to 36mm (RBar 250+)

Footing Cages

Fabricated Reinforcing Cages –
Ideal for footings (Various Sizes – all cages are made to suit your specific project.)

Corner & Starter Bars

N12 & N16 Corner Bars – 600mm x 600mm
R10, N12 & N16 Starter Bars – 1000mm x 200mm
(All bars can be cut and bent to suit job)

Reinforcing Accessories

Tie Wire

Belt Packs – 1.5kg Rolls (Black, Galvanised & 316 SS)
Loop Ties – 110mm to 200mm (2000 per bundle)

Builders Film & Tape

Black Plastic – 200um (50M x 4M)
Grey PVC Tape

Foam Joint

Stickyback Foam Joint – 75mm to 300mm x 25M
Plain Foam Joint – 75mm to 300mm x 25M

Bar Guards

Star picket Caps
Bar Guard – 12mm to 20mm
Bar Guard – 24mm to 36mm

Bar Chairs

Slab on Ground – 25mm to 150mm
Deck Chairs – 20mm to 200mm
Wire Chairs – 35mm to 340mm
Concrete Chairs – Conbination 50mm, 60mm & 75mm

Formwork & Jointing

LVL Edge Board

100mm to 300mm x 36mm x 6M


150mm Rebate brick bracket house slab

Conform Formwork

Lightweight flexiable plastic formwork – 100mm to 200mm

Formwork Pins

20mm x 450mm predrilled steel boxing pins

Loose Nails

50mm, 65mm & 75mm long galvanised bullet head nails
3.15mm – 3.75mm Diameter

Dowels & Sleeves

12mm – 33mm round & square dowel sleeves
ROund 12mm – 33mm friction cut dowels – 450mm & 600mm
*other sizes available on request

Key Joint

100mm to 200mm Keyjoint x 6M



Sikaflex polyurethane joint sealant – PRO, Construction and 11FC
Available in Concrete grey, Black, White,
Available also: Beige, Dark Grey, Off white, Sandstone, Pale brown, brick red, Redwood and Dark amber.

Water stops

Sika Swell
Kuniseal C-31


PVC coated safety gloves – M, L & XL
Specs – Clear & Smoke
Danger Tape – 50M rolls
Barricade Mesh – 1M x 50M

Line Marking Paint

Dy-Mark – Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White & Orange

Decorative & Additives

Decorative Spray-On

Available in a range of colours, designs & textures. Cement based system to transform you concrete.

Concrete Sealer

General Purpose Sealer 20L – Ready to use general purpose acrylic concrete sealer
Concrete Sealer Primer 20L – Acrylic sealer for same day use
Extended Wear Sealer 20L – Highly durable acrylic sealer used for protection from oil & fuel. Has an excellent resistance to marking


600mm – 1200mm Covertape
Lambs Wool Roller
Roller Frames

Hydrocloric Acid

5L & 20L Hydrochloric Acid


Sika Film – Moisture evaporation retardant
Rugasol90 – Surface retarder for summer conditions
Formol – Chemical release agent for concrete formwork
Bondcrete – 5L & 20L versatile bonding & sealing agent
Sikacure – Clear PVA liquid curing compound
Pabkote – Bitumen emulsion for waterproofing 5L & 20L

Steelfixing Products

Measuring Tapes

Lufkin Easy Read – 8M & 10M
Lufkin Flurolok – 8 & 10M

Buckaroo Product Range

Steelfixing belts and belts
Knip and Tape Holders
Shoulder Harnesses

Tie Wire Accessories

Ideal Reels
Ratchet Twist Tool


Knipex – 200mm Knips
– 280mm Knips